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Call for availability before ordering.  Sold as a kit ONLY.

We DO NOT sell the individual parts of the Mouthpiece Refacing kit separately


You can help out a fellow repairman by checking out their parts need posts at the bottom of our Ferree Press page.

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Ferree Press

Ferree's Tools Inc.

"One of the Worlds Largest Manufacturer of Quality Band Instrument Repair Tools"

Our Purpose

   To provide for the modern band instrument Repairman, the most economical, high quality, up to date and easy to use tools available today. Ferree's has always based the designs of the tools on “Simplicity, Accuracy and Efficiency” while focused on “Quality, Economy and Customer Service”.

Ferree's Tools would like to invite you to our On Line Store.
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You can now buy items such as instrument pads, small bench tools and items
that assist in the repair or replacement of musical instrument pads.
There is also plans on expanding the many products we manufacture to be made available on line in the coming months.

Closeout Sale on all B64 and B66 De’jur Deluxe Sax Pads

We will be discontinuing the B64’s and B66’s after they are gone.  We are marking these pads down 50% off retail price, which makes this a really great deal.  We apologize but all B64 or B66 sets and assortments are no longer available.

To receive the 50% discount just add the following code to checkout.


 You Can Also Email us at :