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The New D35A

Feeler Gauge/Screwdriver

Combo tool is now available

for just $24.50.


You can help out a fellow repairman by checking out their parts need posts at the bottom of our Ferree Press page.

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Ferree Press

Ferree's Tools Inc.

"Worlds Largest Manufacturer of Quality Band Instrument Repair Tools"


Our Purpose

   To provide for the modern band instrument Repairman, the most economical, high quality, up to date and easy to use tools available today. Ferree's has always based the designs of the tools on “Simplicity, Accuracy and Efficiency” while focused on “Quality, Economy and Customer Service”.

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For Orders & Acct- Ph.: 1-800-253-2261 or 1-269-965-0511

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Here is a few of the many items Ferree's Tools has to offer.


P1A Radius Roller for Cornets and Trumpets


The P1A is the answer for rolling out dents in the Bell stem area.

Also you can get into areas you could not get to in the past with a roller.

This very handy double handled tool comes with three different size radius rollers

to cover most bell stem sections from front to back


The cost of this time saver is $249.50


<= The Hoop handle was designed to clear the valve section.

 It is possible to get   =>

closer and work around the valves & braces.



    In response to requests, we have made these new custom ground P87A slugs (which are similar to the old N1 slugs used back in the late 50’s).  They are great for dent work, rounding crimped edges and sizing tuning slides from cornets all the way to baritones. They are 3” long, so they are especially helpful in tight corners.  The P87A comes in 97 sizes available from .438” to .630”, graduating in .002” increments.  They are used with the P87H Right Angle Handles which come in a pair, small and large.  The small sizes 1-31 use the small diameter P87H Right Angle Handle and the larger size P87A slugs numbered 32-97 us


These stands hold the main Z60 frame that does most of the work, firmly and at the proper height, for ease of operation.

If you call, Ferree’s will make either of these stands to fit the operator.

This way the Z60 will be at the perfect height for you to be at your best.

As a rule of thumb, when you are standing up, your elbow should line up with the main working rod. 

Z61base     Benchmt

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